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pci bus delay on an A500

Lawrence Mahan
Frequent Advisor

pci bus delay on an A500

I have an Emulix LP9002L board I need to install in an A500 systems. The board cause the system to fail during boot-up. Emulix stated that this board needs a 500m second delay on the PCI bus to initialize properly. How can I modify the PCI bus delay on an A500 running HP/UX 11.0
Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: pci bus delay on an A500

I have not heard of any such thing earlier.
I would still look into the card side in details.
I have not seen emulex mentioning anywhere that the timing of the PCI Bus of the server
needs to be modified on A-Class systems
rather they have mentioned this card is tested on A400 & A500 systems as per the below doc.
It may or maynot be possible for us to play with the pci bus delay but we could always check from the card's prospects...

Have you tried some possibilities from


This adapter utility ?

Have you tried this doc?
pls revert back after reading if this helps.

Also you may find some more docs here :


I'll sleep when i am dead.
Zygmunt Krawczyk
Honored Contributor

Re: pci bus delay on an A500


try to install current firmware on your A500 server.
The firmware is available from ITRC as patch PHSS_31925.

Third party's FC adapters always cause a problems.
If you don't wish such problems, consider HP branded adapters.
The following HP adapters works in A500 with the latest firmware:

A5158A PCI 1Gb fibre channel adapter

A6795A PCI 2Gb fibre channel adapter

A6826A PCI-X dual-channel, 2Gb fibre channel adapter

A9782A PCI-X 2Gb fibre channel and 1000Base-SX gigabit ethernet multifunction adapter

A9784A PCI-X 2Gb fibre channel and 1000Base-T gigabit ethernet multifunction adapter

See the following links:



Lawrence Mahan
Frequent Advisor

Re: pci bus delay on an A500

After working with the system for several hours it turns out that the PCI back plane was bad. Emulex support did not know what to look for. After replacing the PCI bus the board worked properly.

Thanks for the feed back.