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primary IPL fault

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Robert Bryan
Frequent Advisor

primary IPL fault

I need help with an error on a K200
I replaced the system board and when I try to boot I get error

C5F0---primary IPL fault

I have rechecked all connections and I have tried to boot from alternate boot device but it returns to the boot prompt.
Tobias Hartlieb
Trusted Contributor

Re: primary IPL fault


try at boot prompt "sea ipl". What devices do you see? Do they match with the output from "path" at boot prompt...

"primary IPL Fault" means, that the system cannot access the boot header on the primary disk... so it might be a bad disk, or maybe a bad SCSI bus (which would possibly explain the problems on booting the alternate path, too).

So maybe a bad disk, or a bad Core I/O (having the SCSI HBA for internal disks)



Robert Bryan
Frequent Advisor

Re: primary IPL fault

That was the Problem...IPL showed a differnt path to the boot device, than was displayed during the boot up sequence.

Thanks for your help