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problem after "cpu 0 off" on K220

Stan Sieler
Respected Contributor

problem after "cpu 0 off" on K220


I've got a 9000/K220 with two CPUs. To test
a theory about something, I wanted to boot
with just CPU 1, so I did "cpu 0 off" in
the COnfig menu (below the ISL) and
rebooted. Oh Oh. CPU 1 gets to the
monarch selection phase (INIT C101)
and hangs there. Since it doesn't get up any farther, I can't do a "CPU 0 ON" :)

Any suggestions?

I can see four different possible solutions:

1) pull CPU 0, leave CPU 1 in slot 1
and try again.

2) swap CPU 0 and 1, and when it boots
to the PDC prompt, do a CPU 1 ON

3) pull CPU 1, and hope that the firmware
is bright enough to say "darn, only
one CPU and that's disabled ... well,
guess I've got to use it anyway".

4) a dagger card to poke CPU 0 back to
being enabled ... but (a) I don't have
a dagger card, and (b) I don't know
if any were developed for K Class

Background: I thought a CPU in any slot
could be the monarch, and that the boot
firmware would "crown" the lowest numbered
CPU that wasn't disabled. Hence, AFAIK,
it *ought* to boot from CPU 1 :)

Stan Sieler
Respected Contributor

Re: problem after "cpu 0 off" on K220

I forgot to add: it's self-maintained.
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Re: problem after "cpu 0 off" on K220

Give this a try:

remove cpu1 and start with cpu0. since the system needs a cpu to do a selftest, I can imagine you are able to go to ISL with some warnings.

Hope this helps!

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Tobias Hartlieb
Trusted Contributor

Re: problem after "cpu 0 off" on K220


INIT C10x Starting the monarch processor selection, where x = CPU number

=> this looks as if the PDC/FW tried to start CPU #1 as Monarch... (boot CPU)...

=> swap CPUs and try the other one