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"envizex"+"hard boot"

Melvin J. Schmidt
Occasional Visitor

"envizex"+"hard boot"

On previous releases of the HP-UX operating system (i.e. prior to 10.2), when the servers were rebooted. The Xterms would auto reboot. New release don't have this capability as far as I can tell. The Xterms have to be manually rebooted. Is there a setting on the server or the xterm that would send a signal to the xterm box and tell it that the Server has been rebooted?
David Bell_1
Honored Contributor

Re: "envizex"+"hard boot"


I don't know if it pertains for sure in your case. However, I would see if you have the latest patches for Netstation Softare such as:



Melvin J. Schmidt
Occasional Visitor

Re: "envizex"+"hard boot"

This patch PHSS_23023 is for 10.20, We are currently on 11i Operating system.
Andre Paetzold
Occasional Advisor

Re: "envizex"+"hard boot"


I really don't understand your Problem?

In our environment (about 60 11i Workstations/Servers and various types of X-Terms). All of our Workstations reboot every
night, and the attached X-Terms are reconnected
in the Morning, when the people work again...

A Solution for your problem might be, to
create a startup script on your server (/sbin/init.d and links..), in which you reboot your X-Terms (remsh xterm reboot).

So long,