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re : Problem with memory on rp2470

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re : Problem with memory on rp2470

Hi Guys,
Can someone advice whether if 4x1GB and 4x512MB memory is supported on a rp2470. I have try mixing the 1GB and 512MB ram to add up to a total of 6GB but unfortunately in BCH I can only see below

Slot 1 DIMM 1024Active
Slot 2 DIMM 1024Active
Slot 3 DIMM 1024Active
Slot 4 DIMM 1024Active
Slot 5 DIMM
Slot 6 DIMM
Slot 7 DIMM
Slot 8 DIMM 512MB memory fault

Pls advice??
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Re: re : Problem with memory on rp2470

Well a 2470 should support up to 8GB, so 6GB should be fine.

Did you follow the memory configuration rules in this doc:


Do you actually have anything in slots 4-6?




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Re: re : Problem with memory on rp2470

rp2470 server does support 1GB and 512MB DIMM modules and mixing these modules is supported as long as the memory configuration rules are followed.
Refer the document URL given by Duncan and


Now assuming the rules are followed, I suspect the problem with 512MB DIMM or slot 8 which is giving memory fault. Keep the DIMM aside . Just install another pair of 512MB DIMMs in slots 5 & 6 and see if you see the correct amount of memory. Then install the same DIMMs in slots 7 & 8 and check again. In this way , slot 8 and DIMM could be verified if there working OK.

By the way, which firmware version is on this server?

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Re: re : Problem with memory on rp2470

As suggested earlier, I doubt the firmware revision. due to different refresh rates in memory modules, you need latest firmware to be in place to support mix of different memory DIMMs.

I suggest to use OS installable firmware patch which is pretty simple to update FW.
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