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re : adding hvd10 to k380

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re : adding hvd10 to k380

Hi Guys,
Can someone advice if a 36GB harddisk on a HVD10 is supported on a K380 server. What is the PDC firmware requirement for HVD10 to be setup on a K380. Where can I find the firmware for K380 and also the support matrix for varies harddisk ??

Please and advice as server is still running on 10.20 due to application cannot be upgraded to 11.x or so on. Running out of disk space

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Re: re : adding hvd10 to k380

Not sure if this works but it should.

I guess you won't find any matrix about an _old_ K-Class and an _old_ HVD10 running an even older HP-UX 10.20!

Regarding the PDC:

Latest was 42.01.

I will search the link - I'm waiting for my browser come back already 5 min.

Hope this helps!

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Andrew Rutter
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Re: re : adding hvd10 to k380


I think theres a good chance it will work without problem, but not supported now.

(firmware here as torsten was struggling)



you may need to adjust the PE value to use the full disk size?


Re: re : adding hvd10 to k380

HVD10 is not supported officially by HP.

Will it work - yes.

As Andrew advised apply the latest patches and increase the number of extends in Kernel to allow for such large disks.