HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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regarding HP-9000 D class server...

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regarding HP-9000 D class server...

Hi all,

We have one HP9000 D class server.I connected to console.I am not able to find the command prompt on the console.But I am able to type the letters.I am not getting command prompt.

In the server display, it showing following information..

HP D390 CPU01

I am not able to boot through cdROM also.

I need to do any console configuration?.
Thanks in advance..

Steven E. Protter
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Re: regarding HP-9000 D class server...

Shalom srinu,

I have a D320 and a D380 in my apartment.

The server is in a normal run state, as far as I can remember, not being at home now.

I would try powering off the console and powering it up holding down the control and d keys. This will reset it.

See that the cable is connected to the port on the back of the machine marked console.

You could always hook a Windows laptop to it and connect using hyperterminal, if needed. Procomm also will work.

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Re: regarding HP-9000 D class server...


If you are using a pc for a terminal, the you will not be able to use the hyperterminal to build the server from cd, but will need reflections, as the hyperterminal does not set the properties correctly to load the cd.

If you are using a console, then resetting it should work, then set the default terminal to vt100, which is best for installation.


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Re: regarding HP-9000 D class server...

Are you sure that the console is in "remote mode" ? Go through the configuration setups and make sure that there is an asterisk by the "remote mode" indicator near the bottom of the screen.
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Josiah Henline
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Re: regarding HP-9000 D class server...

Try putting the service switch on the access card into the service position and try "Ctrl C". You should get a "CM>" prompt.

You must have the terminal set up as a vt100 or hpterm to boot off of a CD-ROM or interact with an Ignite install.

How are you connected to the console?
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Michael Steele_2
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Re: regarding HP-9000 D class server...

Your serial terminal should be connected to Serial 1 / Console port which is the higher of the two ports and closest to the power outlet. The bottom port goes to the UPS.

IF this fails verify the terminal that your using. Unless its a graphic terminal and in that case a graphics terminal connects to graphics card in a turbo slot.
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