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remote light - modem vs lan access

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remote light - modem vs lan access

I wish to disable the modem port at the back of the rp2470.
I went into GSP and selected ER to disable remote port access thinking this will turn off the remote light at the front of the computer. It did not - even though I waited for 15 mins for it to do so. Then I read somewhere in this forum that I need to select EL and disable LAN access (ie. telnet and web access). So I did that and the remote light went off. However I can still telnet to the system from another server (although not using the ports at the back for the telnet access).

I'm confused.

By setting EL to disable LAN port (ie. prevent telnet and web access) am I just disabling the remote port at the back or is it supposed to disable ALL network / LAN connections ?

I though ER would do the job if does not turn the remoe light off.

If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: remote light - modem vs lan access


Disabling LAN access in the GSP only blocks telnet & web access to the GSP. To disable telnet altogether, you need to disable it at the OS level. The GSP settings don't have any effect on the OS (well, not much anyway).

What are the chances...