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remote modem connection to GSP subsystem

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Kirk Reindl
Frequent Advisor

remote modem connection to GSP subsystem

Hardware: N4000
GSP Version: A.01.10


I'm having difficultly connecting to the Guardian Service Processor (GSP) from the support modem on an N4000 server.

From the system console, I can do a cntl b without an issue. I have gone into GSP from the console and configured ER (Enable Remote).
I have set [G]SP dial-in results in a GSP login.

When I dial into the modem, I get the:

Service Processor Login:

But.......when I hit return, the cursor simply moves to the left end of the screen. I don't get the Service Processor Password: prompt, until about 1 minute later. Even then I don't get in. (We don't have an account set up for GSP, we just hit enter, enter)

I'm quite sure there isn't an issue with the modem, because when I change ER to [S]ession, (which allows me to connect to the OS) I can login without a problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Kirk Reindl
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: remote modem connection to GSP subsystem

Hi Kirk,

it looks like the serial port of the GSP is not set to the same speed/parity/stop bit/handshake setting as your modem. Check with the stty command the setting of the modem device file in the OS (the device that works in session mode) and set the GSP to similar values with the "CA" command (change only remote port, not the console port !).
Try software or hardware flow control and different speed settings.

I hope this helps

Kirk Reindl
Frequent Advisor

Re: remote modem connection to GSP subsystem


Thanks for the reply.

Iâ m having difficultly getting communication info using the stty command on /dev/ttyd0p2. (This is the modem device file in the OS) Can you please give me the correct syntax?

Iâ ve tried,

@osihpn02::kirkr_ /etc> stty -a /dev/ttyd0p2
unknown mode: -a

Darren Prior
Honored Contributor

Re: remote modem connection to GSP subsystem

Hi Kirk,

I think you'll need to use stty -a
A different approach is to look at the getty entry for the modem listed in /etc/inittab and then lookup the /etc/gettydefs entry mentioned. The values in the gettydefs entry are documented in the stty man page.


Calm down. It's only ones and zeros...