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Re: replace RTC Battery on rp4440

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replace RTC Battery on rp4440

i have to replace the RTC Battery on a rp4440 server. MP log entry "RTC_BATTERY_BAD".
OS on Server: HPUX 11.11

procedure i will follow:

1) shutdown OS
2) disconnect the power cord
3) access the system board.
4) Locate the battery and battery holder on the system board.
5) replace battery

Removing the battery clears the system date and time, and any passwords and customized system settings.

Q:if the system date and time change will the OS date and time change as well?


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Re: replace RTC Battery on rp4440

Hi Kehad

Yes. The date and time are read from the RTC as part of the boot process.

I recommend you change the date and time on the RTC clock before you start up the server via the Management Console or GSP. You should be able to do this a few minutes after restoring power to the server.


Andrew Y
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