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root password disabled and unable to access gsp

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root password disabled and unable to access gsp

The root password on my server is disabled and I would normally logon to the gsp to reset. However the gsp connection isnt working. Is there any other way to re-enable the password?


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Re: root password disabled and unable to access gsp

You need console access. What system is it? What exactly means "not working"?

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Re: root password disabled and unable to access gsp

Its an rp4410. The root password is disabled and I can't connect to the gsp to re-enable it due to a fault.

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Re: root password disabled and unable to access gsp

A rp4410 has MP, not GSP.


If you mean you cannot connect to the MP through the network, you'll need local console access (with a terminal, or a laptop with serial terminal emulator software). If you know the MP password (default is Admin/Admin), you can log in through the console serial port.


If you cannot connect to the MP at all, even locally, that might be a serious hardware issue that needs to be fixed.


But first, try resetting the MP just in case it has hung. A hung MP will also disable the local console port. In the server's rear panel, below the PSU modules and to the left of the serial ports, there is a small group of 10 air holes. If I recall correctly, the MP reset button is accessible through one of those holes, using a small screwdriver or a similar pointy tool. You should also be able to see the MP's diagnostic LEDs inside the server through the holes.


Connect a terminal to the console port, and press the button. You should see the MP LEDs change, and as the MP reset cycle completes, it will display a copyright message on the terminal. It will also display a prompt to press a particular key on the terminal if you wish to reset MP passwords: if you have lost the MP admin password, that is the way to recover MP access. If you don't need to reset the MP passwords, just wait for the MP to restart itself.


If the MP is accessible after the reset, the MP connectivity problem might have caused by an old MP firmware version. Consider updating the firmware to the latest version to avoid re-occurrence of the problem.


If the MP is still not accessible after the a reset (and especially if the reset procedure causes no output to the local console at all), the MP hardware has probably failed: you'd better open a hardware support call with HP (or whoever is your hardware support provider).

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Re: root password disabled and unable to access gsp

Power cycled the server again - this time taking all the cables out. This fixed the connection to the gsp.