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rp 3440 systemboard replacement


rp 3440 systemboard replacement


I have replaced the system board in rp3440. Now i am getting warning in BCH-INF that the cpu supported is 800Mhz and i have 1ghz processor. I tried to upgrade the server with my certificate. But in service menu iam not able to do init as it is telling unsupported command.

Can any one know how to set the system serial number since the serial number it shows is not matching with my server ser.num so when trying to upgrade the server it gives error.

Sreejith Kaliyam
Regular Advisor

Re: rp 3440 systemboard replacement

I tried to use ss_update utility also to update the data but it is asking for the password. can it be done on field.

YoungHwan, Ko
Valued Contributor

Re: rp 3440 systemboard replacement

Hi arun_k..

After replace system board, you need ss_update execute. It can only be done by HP's help. When you are on ss_update, and display hex code value, call HP Engineer and receive lockword. If lockword is correct you can edit your system's serial number, CPU ..

Have a nice day..

Re: rp 3440 systemboard replacement

thanks young

i am waiting for hps reply. isend them the lockword.

hope they will give the password