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rp 5430 server don't start

Antonino Lundari_1
Occasional Visitor

rp 5430 server don't start

At first boot, from hp rp5430 server, it don't start: white screen on console, run and attention leds blink continuosly.
Nothing sign also with CTRL-B command from keybord.
What I can do? Is it a secure hw problem?

Thanks in advance,
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: rp 5430 server don't start


because the OS is not running, this is defenitely not a software problem. The question is why can't you see anything on the console. Make sure, the console is properly connected to the console port and that the keyboard language matches your keyboard. You should get a GSP login when pressing CTRL-B otherwise either your console or the cable or the GSP card is bad. Try resetting the GSP by unplugging all cables for ~20 seconds. If this does not help, try a PC or notebook with a null modem cable and hyperterm to make sure this is not a console problem. If this also does not work, call a local HP response center for further help.

Best regards

Jeff Schussele
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Re: rp 5430 server don't start

Hi Antonino,

Could be that the console is all mucked up.
Try resetting to factory defaults by powering it down & holding the "D" key for several seconds on power-up.

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Re: rp 5430 server don't start

Check the communication setting of console.
It should be 9600, 8, no parity.

In the GSP-adapter, you should see a green
LED near to the console adapter (M - cable).

In the HP emulation terminal, if remote mode
is unchecked, you won't see anything!

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