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rp 7410 memory problem


rp 7410 memory problem

I'm facing some problem here with rp7410 memory. Physical i have 4gb of memory, but now the system only detect 2gb. how do detect which memory module is faulty. i have tried running diagnostic on the memory in mstm but the log does not show any error.
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Re: rp 7410 memory problem

Hi Alex,

Pls send me system dmesg output.

HP Support!!!
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Re: rp 7410 memory problem

this is cell 1 in rp7410. go to the console MP and access the command menu to display the output for PS e.g.

MP:CM> ps

select the cell to display its information. confirm if the dimm are seen in the output as normal.

another command to check is the DF command, e.g.

MP:CM> df

select D for dimm to display the dimm information.

one of your dimm could be faulty and causing the whole quad to be disabled in the system.

you can always move/swap the dimms around to confirm which dimm is faulty.