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rp 7420 battery

Peter Printz
Occasional Advisor

rp 7420 battery


One of our customer got this type of machine, and EMS send a report.See below:

MP Battery is low

Description of Error:

The battery on the SBCH is below the safe threshold. The battery can be replaced online.

Probable Cause / Recommended Action:

Cause: MP was running on battery for too long. Someone didn't set "NVRAM Save"
switch to "off". Action: Replace battery as per MP Battery Remove and Replace procedures.

Where to locate this battery? On an MP? or where?
Is it an Li.small battery??

I read the detailed docs, but can't find.

Please help.
Thanx in advance:Peter
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: rp 7420 battery

Hi Peter,


Battery Notice
This product contains a Lithium battery.
This battery is not to be removed or replaced by the user. If the battery needs to be replaced, contact your
Hewlett-Packard authorized service personnel.

Hope this helps,
Peter Printz
Occasional Advisor

Re: rp 7420 battery


Thanks for your quick help, let me ask some questions.:
1, 7400 and 7420 are similar? (same)
If I'm right the 7400 is N class wich has only "1 cell"
7420 is a 2 cell system.
2, This battery is on the MP board or the GSP?

This is change can be made via online?
(the MP board is OLAR?)

if not we need to schedule downtime for replacement.

We need to do some backup before replacement?

sorry for the questions, but I need to view clear.....
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: rp 7420 battery

Hi Peter,

1)No the rp7420 is closer to the rp7410 except that the 7420 runs the newer dual-core PA8800 CPUs.
The rp7400 is equivalent to the N-class & is not a cell-based system.

2) Yes the battery is on the MP itself.

3) Yes the MP is OLAR capable.

4) A make_tape_recovery before *any* service work is always prudent. But the MP is entirely separate from the OS so chances of a problem causing a panic are remote.

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