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rp2470 keeps powering off randomly

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rp2470 keeps powering off randomly

Like the subject says:

I power on my rp2470, all the diagnostics pass OK and then it randomly powers off either during or a few seconds after booting.

After a while I get a GSP message "System Hang detected via timer popping".

When I look at the GSP, it says:
"Current Sytem Power State: Off
Power Switch State: On"

But if I try to power on, I get the message "The system did not respond to the Power-On command". Then I have to power cycle it using the button on the back.

Any ideas?
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Re: rp2470 keeps powering off randomly

Sounds like a bad power supply. You'll need to contact your HP service representative.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: rp2470 keeps powering off randomly

I agree - it sounds like a power supply issue.

When you are in the GSP, can you access the chassis logs? the command is SL, I believe. They will probably point in the direction of the error.
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Re: rp2470 keeps powering off randomly

Thanks. I had a feeling that might be the case. There is nothing in the logs to indicate a failure of the power supply or any other component.
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Re: rp2470 keeps powering off randomly

A power supply problem would not necessarily get logged. If the power supply is bad, and it loses power suddenly, then everything will be shut off. There would not be any chance for a failure to be logged.
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Re: rp2470 keeps powering off randomly


This is actually a known problem and bug in the earlier versions of GSP.

check what version you are running by logging into the GSP and type he for help, this will list the version number and see if you need to update it.

See the details in this release


some detail here

Problem Details
1) Sudden and unexpected system reboots. Depending on the
setting of the Autoboot flag, the system will either reboot
to HP-UX or will reset to Boot Command Handler (BCH) for no
apparent reason. There will be nothing in the
/var/tombstones directory (e.g. no HPMC events), no evidence
of an OS panic or any core files showing a panic core dump,
nothing in the OS logs (e.g. dmesg, syslog, shutdown logs,
etc.), and nothing obvious in the GSP's Error or Activity
Logs showing the reason for the reboot event(s).

2) Sudden and unexpected DC Power system shutdowns. In this
case, the main customer symptom will be that the system is
"hung" or non-responsive. The front panel "Power" LED will
be flashing GREEN - indicating that the system is running on
DC Standby voltages. Recycling the front DC Power Switch to
off and on positions will restore the DC power and the
system will reboot normally. Alternatively, turning the DC
power back on via the GSP's "PC" command will also typically
restore the DC power and will allow the system to reboot.
Again, there will not be any GSP Errors showing the apparent
reason for the DC power subsystem shutting down.


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Re: rp2470 keeps powering off randomly

Thanks. I've just updated the firmware to the latest version. Now it reports a failed power supply in the chassis logs.

Time to buy a new power supply.