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rp2470 temperature env. settings

timmy b.
Honored Contributor

Re: rp2470 temperature env. settings

One side suggestion: Test everything periodically.

I went onsite to upgrade an rp7410 on a Saturday morning at 7am. As the IT manager opened the door into the data center, we were greeted with a blast of HOT air. Their one, single CRAC had gone down around 1am. The HP systems had alarmed, shut down the apps and OS, and then shut down the systems as the temp increased. Only 18 minutes elapsed between the failure of the CRAC and the hardware poweroff. The customer has a temp monitoring/alert device and it was functioning just fine. But it never paged anyone, because it was configured wrong, and had never been tested!!! It was trying to dial a 9 for an outside line, while it was connected to a direct-out line.

For what it's worth, when we opened the door at 7am, it was over 130 degrees in the room. Under normal circumstances nobody would have entered the room until Monday morning, 48 hours later, so it's a good thing we had this upgrade scheduled even though we had to postpone!

After the room was re-stabilized at a normal temp the systems were all brought back up. No failures of HP hardware!

The customer has installed an additional CRAC.
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Nick D'Angelo
Super Advisor

Re: rp2470 temperature env. settings

Thank you for all your ideas/views.

One more quick question, I see that for the RP2470, the Max operating range is 5C to 39C or 41F to 102F.

Am I correct to assume that the machine likely hit 39C before it shutdown?

I agree that this is dangerously high, while we wait for an additional AC unit to be installed.

I don't suspect that these parameters are 'tunable' are they?


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Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: rp2470 temperature env. settings

Yes, you can safely assume that the machine hit 39C. This isn't a dangerous situation, it is a damaging situation. Your machine, even it is running at 38 C and hasn't shutdown, is being damaged.AM and processor components are being heat stressed, just like an automobile with a broken thermostat. Just as oil breaks down and components begin to shed metal particles, semiconductors begin to change physical and chemical characteristics which affects their electrical properties. These aren't reversible. So the longer it remains over about 25-27 C, the more damage that occurs.

Tunable shutdown values? Nope, not possible. But if you can't stay in the computer room all day because it's too hot for people, then it is way too hot for computers. And while the RP2470 is shutting itself off, all other equipment in your room is being damaged too. Let it go for a few more days and everything will start crashing.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: rp2470 temperature env. settings

if the problem still appears, open a call at hp response center. They should check the fan controllers, which could be failed and reporting wrong values.

Hope this helps!

There are only 10 types of people in the world -
those who understand binary, and those who don't.

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