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rp3410 not powering on

Mahadev Pednekar
Frequent Advisor

rp3410 not powering on

I have rp3410 which was working fine for last one month and suddenly one day it started system led (red color) flashing in front panel and when connected console nothing appears, so accessed event log but all logs was informational. Now this server is totally dead and doesn't works even when both (redundant) power is unplugged and plugged again, after that it flashes system led (red). Has anybody came across this scenario then pl help me.

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: rp3410 not powering on

Like your last question, I'd open a hardware call with HP. It sounds like you might have a bad power supply. HP should be able to help you diagnose the problem further.
Devender Khatana
Honored Contributor

Re: rp3410 not powering on

Hello Mahadev,

You talk about connecting console. When you connect console you have option of looking at VFP which in term shows all the self test messages to you. Another thing what you told is that all messages are informational, here check that you have not given filter option as information (I) with sl. You should give sl and then 'e' at GSP/MP Prompt to see all error messages.Which version of GSP/MP card your system in installed with.

Impossible itself mentions "I m possible"
Respected Contributor

Re: rp3410 not powering on

I would suggest you will check the power supply status with the MP command PS like follows.

MP:CM> ps

System Power state: On
Temperature : Normal

Power supplies | Fan
# State Type | States
0 Normal Type 0 | Normal
1 Normal Type 0 | Normal
2 - - | Normal
3 - - | Normal
4 - - | Normal
5 - - | Normal
6 - - | Normal
7 - - | Normal

And if you can access 4 diagnostic LEDs on the front panel, that may provide you some more detail about the problem. See operation guide on the docs.hp.com web for more detail.


You can forward the MP error log and forward progress log to HP support center for the detail troubleshooting.

Mahadev Pednekar
Frequent Advisor

Re: rp3410 not powering on

I have opened a case with HP and told to order CPU, Power pod & system board. I will update this once I recieve the parts.