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rp3410 refuses to boot

Ben Jarvis
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rp3410 refuses to boot

I have two rp3410 servers which have this identical behavior. They were given to me like this so I don't know how they got this way.

When I enter the MP console and issue "PC -on" to power on the system, it immediately returns to powered off state and issues the following SEL events:

Waiting for new events...
BMC 2 0x20456C53E2020010 0781A37000120300 Type-02 127003 1208323
28 Nov 2006 15:21:06
28 Nov 2006 15:21:17
Alert Level 5: Critical
Keyword: Type-02 020706 132870
Voltage critical level - Check all boards with this voltage
Logged by: Baseboard Management Controller;
Sensor: Voltage - Power Good
Data1: transition to Non-recoverable
0x20456C53ED020020 00000607D6020300
BMC 2 0x20456C5429020030 0781A37000120300 Type-02 127003 1208323
28 Nov 2006 15:22:17


The SYSREV output is:

Current firmware revisions

MP FW : E.03.15
BMC FW : 02.34
System FW : 44.24

The PS output is:

Power supplies | Fan
# State Type | States
0 Normal Type 0 | Normal
1 Normal Type 0 | Normal
2 - - | Normal
3 - - | Normal
4 - - | Normal
5 - - | Normal
6 - - | Normal
7 - - | Normal

I have tried downgrading the firmware to E.03.13, same results, then back to E.03.15, same results. When I do the firmware upgrade it says:

-> MP firmware upgrade in progress....

-> Retrieving upgrade file using FTP.

-> Retrieved an upgrade file successfully.
Programming ROM. Percent Complete: 100.

-> Retrieving upgrade file using FTP.

-> Could not find upgrade file set on source system.

-> MP firmware upgrade was not successful.
-> Check parameters and try again.

According to the FTP server logs, it didn't ask for any file that it didn't get, so I'm not sure what the second file it claims not to be able to find is. Nonetheless, SYSREV reports the correct MP FW version after the upgrade, though BMC FW and SYSTEM FW remain unchanged, as expected.

I am unable to upgrade the PDC/System firmware to 45.44 because the system will not power on in order to boot from a CD.
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Re: rp3410 refuses to boot

Looks like some voltage issue or power connections inside the server.

You might want to look at the server's system LEDs i.e STBY and BMC from back.
Take a look a the Mp -> SL -> F events

Refer the manuals for reference at

About the firmware upgrade, the all the files should exist in the FTP directory. The upgrade process takes care of picking up the files from that directory of its own.
Make sure you have files with proper size as mentioned at
Michael Steele_2
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Re: rp3410 refuses to boot

check your 110 / 220 switch on your power supplies and also your facilities circuit panels.

I'm confused about your reason for performing a firmware upgrade during an outage unless you thought this was a fix. but now that you're into a partial firmware upgrade

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Re: rp3410 refuses to boot

Hi Ben,

Sensor: Voltage - Power Good ===> Check this out..i guess there is some serious issue with either the power supply or with the VRMS..

It is a logical wired-OR signal that indicates the power status of all VRMs on
the system board. It can be pulled low by any of VRMs on the system board.
Power supply units also may pull this signal low. The power supply output, 12V
DC, is the source of all VRMs and power pods in the system. If a faulty power
supply causes its power rail to short, power good signal goes low.

To trouble-shoot this error ...

1. If the system fails constantly, check the power supply LEDs. It may indicate
a failure of one of the two power supplies.
2. Look for adjacent entries in the SEL log that may indicate the specific
problem area.
3. Try disconnecting each of the bulk power supplies in turn, and see if their
removal prevents the dc shutdown.
4. If the system still fails, replace the system board first. Then replace
other hardware components one by one until you can figure out the root

Best Regards,