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rp3410 serial A/B

hussam qandeel_1
Occasional Visitor

rp3410 serial A/B

I try to connect terminal (or back to back PC) via serial port A or B witch located in the back of the rp3410 server.

I do the following
-add the terminal by use the SAM utility which create the devise file in the /dev directory and run the getty process.
-connect the terminal to the serial port.

But there are no connection between the server and the terminal (or PC).

Thank for all.

Darren Prior
Honored Contributor

Re: rp3410 serial A/B


These serial ports cannot be used on the RP3410. You will need an additional mux if you require serial ports for this usage.


Calm down. It's only ones and zeros...
Jean-Luc Oudart
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Re: rp3410 serial A/B

A few years ago we tried to connect a printer to serial port onto N Class server
none of the "available" serial port would work.
One is dedicated to modem and the other to UPS. Well they did not fully function as real serial ports. We ended buying a mux card for our requirement.

fiat lux
Valued Contributor

Re: rp3410 serial A/B

Hi Hussam,

the two serial ports are not available as commercial use ,as per HP

Do Not Use Serial Port A (Console) and Serial Port B Connectors
Documentation and Guides for the hp 9000 rp3410 and hp 9000 rp3440 Server erroneously describe the Serial Port A
and B connectors as functional and available for use. These connectors are for factory use only.