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rp3410 will not boot from hard drive

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rp3410 will not boot from hard drive

We have acquired an rp3410 which we intend using as a backup server.  It has one hard drive.


We have connected a DVD drive and successfully booted from it (path 0/0/2/0.0).


We have installed HPUX 11.11 onto the drive (0/1/1/0.0.0) from the DVD.


However when we try to boot from the hard drive it is not found.  Using the SEArch command we are only offered the DVD drive.


Have we missed something? 

Do we need to do something to the drive for the boot process to find it?

Could this be a SCSI termination problem (although the installation process had no problem finding the drive and copying the files to it)?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: rp3410 will not boot from hard drive

This is the bottom internal disk, right?

This bus is terminated internally, usually shared with the middle disk slot.

If "search" doesn't list it, the disk could have a problem.

Just for the fun, put it in the other 2 slots and do a "search".

Hope this helps!

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