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Re: rp3440 LAN LED steady flashing green.

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Edward Ady
Occasional Advisor

rp3440 LAN LED steady flashing green.


I have several rp3440s, one of them has the LAN LED flashing steady green. According to the Operatro Maintence Guide, this indicates that the system is communicating over the lan. However, the LAN LED lights on the other rp3440 are not flashing though they are equally as busy, if not more. Can anyone explain this, or give me some ideas ?


o are lights

o o o o o o o
1 2 3 4 LAN SYSTEM Power

lights 1-4 are off
LAN light is blinking green
System light is blinking Amber
Power light is solid green.
Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: rp3440 LAN LED steady flashing green.


first, I'd connect to MP and check the warnings (CL), to clear the amber system LED.

Next use lanadmin -x 0 to verify the speed settings of the LAN interface whether it's Autoneg, 100 full duplex or whatever. (The switch port to which the interface connects might have a setting that induces a certain condition on the NIC)

Then use netstat -i to compare the actual traffic on the interfaces of the machines.

Finally there are also LEDs next to the RJ45 connector that indicate speed and activity.

Check for differences between your 3440's

If that still does not give you any clue, you *might* check for differences in firmware and patches, but I'd rather hand it over to HP...

Jim Thomas_5

Re: rp3440 LAN LED steady flashing green.

Please note that HP is currently investigating reports of rp34x0 front panel LAN LED indications that are "inconsistent" with the actual LAN activity status when the system is initially AC powered up. Thus, I recommend that you ignore the front Panel LED status indication until this issue is understood and corrected (most likely in a future firmware update). The ACTUAL LAN status for any connected LAN interface cable can be observed via LEDs on the LAN cable connector(s) in the rear of the rp34x0 server per the "hp 9000 rp3410 and rp3440 Operation and Maintenance Guide".
Edward Ady
Occasional Advisor

Re: rp3440 LAN LED steady flashing green.

Thank you Jim. We were hoping we were not going crazy.