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rp3440 memory upgrade

Adel Elamin
Frequent Advisor

rp3440 memory upgrade

Dear ITRC members

We want to upgrade rp3440 server memory form 20GB to 32GB (the maximum).

Current memory layout is as follows:

8 x2 GB =16 GB
1x4 GB = 4 GB
Total = 20 GB engaged in 12 slots.

Can anyone advice me the most cost effective configuration to upgrade the RAMs form 20GB to 32GB without any conflicts.

Your replay will be appreciated.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: rp3440 memory upgrade

hi adel,

the only supported way to do 32Gb for you rp3440 is install with 8 x 4GB DIMM.

from what i see, the most cost effective for you to do the upgrade is to preserve your existing 2GB DIMM and add 4 x 2GB dimms. But this will allow you to have 24GB Memory only and this type of config is supported.

You could refer link below for reference.



PS: appreciate if you cld assign some points. Thanks!
Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: rp3440 memory upgrade


As said you have limited options, not a choice

the only option to have 32gb is to remove it all and install 2x AB561A kits (4x4gb dimms). This will occupy 8 slots only but take you to the max.

the link posted will give you all the info you need to work it out and see why.

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: rp3440 memory upgrade

hi again,

you also need to make sure the pdc version is at least 45.11 to support the 32gb increase

from the release notes on the firmware

PDC 45.11
Enabled support for PA-8900 processors.
Added support for a total of 8, 4GB DIMMs increasing the maximum system memory size from 24GB to 32GB.

newest version is 46.34