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Jon Steele
Valued Contributor



I have an rp3440 and it has 11.i ver 2 os preloaded.I get this error when the os trys to boot up.Does anyone have an idea what this means?Could it be memory?

Boot IO Dependent Code (IODC) revision 1

HARD Booted.

ISL Revision A.00.43 Apr 12, 2000

ISL booting hpux (;0):INSTALL


: disk(0/0/2/;0):WINSTALL

11149312 + 1822808 + 2605720 start 0x1ff568

alloc_pdc_pages: Relocating PDC from 0xfffffff0f0c00000 to 0x3f900000.

Firmware Version 45.44

Duplex Console IO Dependent Code (IODC) revision 1

Stored message buffer up to panic:

gate64: sysvec_vaddr = 0xc0002000 for 2 pages

NOTICE: nfs3_link(): File system was registered at index 4.

NOTICE: autofs_link(): File system was registered at index 6.

NOTICE: cachefs_link(): File system was registered at index 7.

0 sba

0/0 lba

0/0/1/0 hcd

0/0/1/0.1 hub

0/0/1/1 hcd

0/0/1/1.1 hub

0/1 lba

c8xx BUS: 0 SCSI C1010 Ultra160 Wide LVD assigned CPU: 1

0/1/1/0 c8xx

0/1/1/0.0 tgt

0/1/1/0.0.0 sdisk

0/1/1/0.1 tgt

0/1/1/0.1.0 sdisk

0/1/1/0.7 tgt

0/1/1/0.7.0 sctl

c8xx BUS: 1 SCSI C1010 Ultra160 Wide LVD assigned CPU: 0

0/1/1/1 c8xx

0/1/1/1.2 tgt

0/1/1/1.2.0 sdisk

0/1/1/1.7 tgt

0/1/1/1.7.0 sctl

0/1/2/0 igelan

0/2 lba

0/3 lba

0/3/1/0 td

td: claimed Tachyon XL2 Fibre Channel Mass Storage card at 0/3/1/0

0/4 lba

0/6 lba

0/7 lba

0/7/1/1 asio0

8 memory

Trap Type 15 (Data page fault):

Instruction Address (pcsq.pcoq) = 0x0.0x550fd0

Instruction (iir) = 0x52950020 (load/store)

Target Address (isr.ior) = 0x0.0x0000000000000010

Base Register (gr20) = 0x0000000000000000

Savestate Ptr (ssp) = 0x748ec00.0x400003ffffff1538

Savestate Return Pointer (ss_rp) = 0x0000000000550fbc

System Panic:

linkstamp: Tue Oct 15 19:24:18 MDT 2002

_release_version: @(#) $Revision: vmunix: vw: -proj selectors: CU

PI80_BL2000_1108 -c 'Vw for CUPI80_BL2000_1108 build' -- cupi80_bl2000_1108 'CUP

I80_BL2000_1108' Wed Nov 8 19:24:56 PST 2000 $

panic: Data page fault

PC-Offset Stack Trace (read across, top of stack is 1st):

0x002105a8 0x00265a4c 0x001645f4

0x00166914 0x00550fd0 0x0053f784

0x00524c84 0x004e4220 0x0030c2e4

0x0060f2c8 0x004e6acc 0x004e7570

0x003a6a8c 0x003a6fb0 0x003932d8

0x003935dc 0x00393274 0x003939f4

0x00397368 0x004b5464 0x00362118

0x00173b94 0x001ffb64

End Of Stack

*** A system crash has occurred. (See the above messages for details.)

*** The system is now preparing to dump physical memory to disk, for use

*** in debugging the crash.

ERROR: Your system crashed before I/O and dump configuration was complete.

A crash dump cannot be taken under these circumstances without

special configuration. Contact your HP support representative.

Phil uk
Honored Contributor

Re: rp3440


If its fresh out of the box from delivery, it might be worth re-seating the Memory Dimms and any IO cards in the PCI card cage in case anything is loose after shipping.

Also, it might be worth posting the MP errors logs.

Jon Steele
Valued Contributor

Re: rp3440

Thanks for your reponse.I was not the one looking at this machine.It turns out it would boot to the harddrive fine it had 11.i ver2 os loaded on it.The tech was trying to boot it up with the cdrom but he was using 11.i ver 1 and kept getting this error.When we booted up with 11.i ver 2 cd it worked fine.