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rp4440 MP login password jitters

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rp4440 MP login password jitters

We recently moved an rp4440 to a new data centre.  I can't login to the MP through the LAN now but I have reset it and it seems ok through the serial port.  What's puzzling is the behaviour when I trying logging in through the LAN.  The MP login: prompt comes up ok and echoes back the account name when I type it.  It goes weird when I try typing the password in response to the MP password: prompt though.  As I type the password, asterisks appear in a jittery manner, not echoing the typing exactly.  And I don't get logged in.


I'm going to try changing the LAN cable but am not confident that this is the problem because the initial dialogue seems so solid.  Has anyone seen behaviour like this, please?


-- Andrew

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Re: rp4440 MP login password jitters

You might double-check the speed and duplex settings of the MP and the network switch port that the  MP is plugged into.  If there is a speed or duplex mismatch then that can cause very strange issues.