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rp4440 blinking red light

George N

rp4440 blinking red light

Hello, I have an rp4440 that has been working perfectly for years. Today I moved it to a new rack, and now when you plug in the power cord, the power indicator light on the back of the server is a fast blinking green, the power light on the front of the server is amber, and the system status light on the front of the server is red. Pushing the power button does nothing - it will not power on.

MP is accessible. I cleared the logs then plugged in the power. This is what I get in the logs:

Alert 2 Type-02 127003 1208323
Alert *7 Type-02 096f02 618242

Does anyone know what these means? OR how to troubleshoot this problem? The reason I moved this rp4440 to a new rack is because it's replacing an rp3410 that just died with the red blinking light. :(

So far I've tried several different power cables, and also plugging it into the power circuits in several different racks (on separate under-floor circuits) so I doubt its a power issue. I've also tried both 110v and 240v outlets.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: rp4440 blinking red light


Check for power problems. Make sure the line is live.

Make sure all three power supplies have power.

You may have simply had a part that failed when you moved the system.

This hardware is worth fixing. Do you have a hardware contract?

Steven E Protter
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George N

Re: rp4440 blinking red light

Ok, output from the PS command shows power supply 0 as "disconnected or out of range".

The server is only equipped with a single power supply.

Since I've tried multiple cords and multiple circuits, it sounds like the power supply has failed. (I've also tried reseating the power supply.)

Looks like I need to order new supply. thanks.
Prasanth Thomas
Valued Contributor

Re: rp4440 blinking red light

Hello George,

Please refer the below link.


Prasanth Thomas.
Prasanth Thomas
Valued Contributor

Re: rp4440 blinking red light

Please refer the page 151.