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rp4440 - install of A6825A

Michael J MacDonald
Occasional Contributor

rp4440 - install of A6825A

I attempted to install a A6825A into my rp4440, I have read the documentation and it says to install the card and then push and hold the doorbell for 5 seconds and the led will start blinking, I get no light on the slot regardless of what I do.
Am I doing anything wrong, I tried different slots.
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Re: rp4440 - install of A6825A

Hi Michael,

what documentation do you have? "doorbell" things are regarding online additions. Is your system running while you adding the card?
This documentation only tells about switch off the server and install:


Anyway, you can add it online, but if your server is off, then there is no doorbell function.
If you pull the slot retention latch, this is the "doorbell" functionality and will power off the slot.

Where do you push and hold?

Hope this helps!

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Re: rp4440 - install of A6825A


Here is some more information for your action...

PCI-X slots 1 and 2 are dedicated for use by the core I/O cards. The SCSI HBA card in slot 1 and the Gigabit Ethernet LAN card in slot 2 are pre-installed. Slots 1 and 2 are not hot-plug capable. Additional PCI-X expansion cards may not be placed in slot 1 or slot 2.
PCI-X slots 3 and 4 are the first pair of shared slots, and slots 5 and 6 are the second pair of shared slots. The maximum capability of each of the shared slots is a PCI-X card running at 66MHz.
PCI-X slots 7 and 8 are single, non-shared, slots. The maximum capability of each slot is a 133MHz PCI-X card. Only slots 7 and 8 allow 133Mhz PCI-X cards to run at full speed.

Online PCI-X card addition (OL-A)

For the slot in which the card will be added, rotate the PCI-X card lock tab 45 degrees to release the manual retention latch (or MRL).
Verify that the power LED is off, pull up on the MRL located on the OLX divider. The power LED will remain off.
CAUTION: Do not pull up on the MRL of a powered-on, occupied slot, or your system will crash. This OLA (or Online Addition) procedure is only for powering down a powered-on, unoccupied slot.

Rotate the PCI-X card lock tab another 45 degrees to release the slot cover plate.
Carefully remove the slot cover from the backplane.
Insert the PCI-X card to be added into the powered down slot.
CAUTION: When inserting the PCI-X card, be careful that you do not accidentally touch an attention button on the other OLX dividers. This initiates an undesired shutdown of another PCI-X card or slot. Also, ensure that you fully seat the card into the slot or undesired results may occur after power is re-applied to the slot.

Rotate the PCI-X card lock tab back 45 degrees.
Push the manual retention latch down until it seats against the chassis wall.
Turn the PCI-X card lock to the closed position to capture the PCI-X card and set the manual retention latch into the closed position.
Press the attention button. The power LED starts to blink. Wait until the power LED goes from a blinking state to a steady-on state.
Note: You have five seconds after pressing the button to cancel the operation by pushing the attention button again

Best Regards,

Michael J MacDonald
Occasional Contributor

Re: rp4440 - install of A6825A

I followed the directions and Is till get no power to the slot, I tried to take a known good slot, where a scsi card is that is not being used (slot 4) and push the doorbell to turn power off and it does not turn the power off to the slot.

I am starting to think the system is possessed! Thanks Mike
marie-noelle jeanson_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: rp4440 - install of A6825A


The way I read the documentation (the one at
http://docs.hp.com/en/A9950-96005-en/A9950-96005-en.pdf on p.70) is:
after you put the card in, press the attention button (doorbell) *ONCE*, then the LED will start blinking. If you keep on pushing it, that may create a problem, as if you push it again, it will cancel the operation. So release the button after pressing it once and see what happens,