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rp4440 racking

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Barbara Flynn_1
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rp4440 racking


Anyone know roughly how many rp4440s can go into the one rack or where I would find this info??

Thanks in advance,
Joseph Loo
Honored Contributor

Re: rp4440 racking


maximum 10 based on its 4U frame if u r "squeezing" them into the 19-inch cabinets (41U) - HP Rack System/E:

The HP 9000 rp4440-8 is a 4U rack-optimized server. It is supported in HP System/E racks as well HP 9000 and 10000 series racks. Factory integration is offered for HP System/E racks only (A6977AZ). Sliding mounts and a cable management arm will be installed with the server in a factory-integrated rack.
The HP 9000 rp4440-8 can be installed in the field with the Field Rack Kit (A6977A). This field kit contains the slide mounts, cable management arm, and all other hardware needed to mount an rp4440-8 into a 19-inch cabinet.

For stand alone, non racked deployments, the HP 9000 rp4440-8 can be placed into a freestanding tubular frame that wraps around the server (A6979A). This product is not available with factory installation. However, the tubular frame is easily installed in the field.

more info here:


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Mahesh Kumar Malik
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Re: rp4440 racking

Hi Barbara

rp4440 is 4U size server. Based on size of rack, you can thus calculate the number of servers/rack.

Ted Buis
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Re: rp4440 racking

If you have non-HP racks, then contact the rack manufacturer for rack kit information.
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rick jones
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Re: rp4440 racking

In addition to space consumed, make sure you have enough power and cooling going to the rack for the number of servers you put there.
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Barbara Flynn_1
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Re: rp4440 racking

Thanks guys