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rp4440 servers on 110 VAC circuits


rp4440 servers on 110 VAC circuits

Is there a way to run rp4440 servers on 110 VAC power? Or, does HP have transformers for the cabinet PDUs that could do the conversion to 220 VAC? I've been searching the hardware pages, but its not clear if there is a way to do this.

I apologize if this is posted on the wrong forum.
Mel Burslan
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Re: rp4440 servers on 110 VAC circuits

do not take my word as a definitive answer but as far as I know, all the power supplies going into modern servers are capable of functioning between 70 and 240 volts, thanks to solid state switching. A bulky, heavy and fixed ratio transformer is no longer needed to achieve the voltage requirement of the electronic circuits.

Having said that, the advantage of running the server on 220 volts is, it requires less current to make up for the power as power can be roughly equated to voltage x current. If you decrease one of them, the other shuld go up. More current means either thicker cables or risk of fire hazard.

So, even if you try to run your server on 110 V mains current, you will need to find approved power cables for this.

Last but not the least, as this I presume a new server and still under warranty, if I were you, instead of the guesswork, I would call HP and ask them to tell me if this is possible and how.

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David Bell_1
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Re: rp4440 servers on 110 VAC circuits


Check here:


Select AC Input Power on the left column. ACcording to that, you should be able to use 100 - 204 VAC but require both supplies to be connected.


D Block 2
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Re: rp4440 servers on 110 VAC circuits

I would check with HP directly about the correct PDU type. why don't you call the HP sales dept directly and see if you have the proper fitting for the PDU that match the required power requirements. if anything, they (HP) will give you the requirements from the sales/arch figures.

20 amp, 30 amp, etc...
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Ted Buis
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Re: rp4440 servers on 110 VAC circuits

My documentation shows that the rp4440 and its cousin, the rx4640, are 200-240V only. The transformer must be capable of handling 1600 watts max (1065 typical). I have never seen HP make transformers, so you likely need to search google for vendor.
Mom 6
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Re: rp4440 servers on 110 VAC circuits

Check the back of the machine. Around the power supply, there is a sticker stated the operable input voltage. I believe it is 220-240 V only.