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rp4440 system LED blinks

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rp4440 system LED blinks

rp4440 Front Panel System LED blinks continually...
I already read all the MP event logs, but still blinking.
In MP SL(Show Log), FPL(forward progress log), Current Boot Log, Previous Boot Log is full, so I tried to delete all the logs but failed.

Event Log Viewer Menu:

Log Name Entries % Full Latest Timestamped Entry
E - System Event 123 18 Apr 2007 23:12:18
F - Forward Progress 4000 100 %
B - Current Boot 299 99 %
P - Previous Boot 299 99 %
C - Clear All Logs
L - Live Events

Enter menu item or [Ctrl-B] to Quit: c
Are you sure you want to clear all logs? (Y/[N]): y
-> Error Clearing SEL.

-> Error Clearing FPL.

And everytime I run MP SL command it complaints with following error.

** Communication problem with BMC.
** MP might not have the latest event logs.

Here's system version.

OS rp4440 HPUX 11.11
MP Hardware Revision d4 Firmware Revision E.02.29
[uninitialized] MP:CM> sysrev


Current firmware revisions

MP FW : E.02.29
BMC FW : revision not available
System FW : revision not available

What's the problem?
Any help will be appreciated...
Thank you.
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Re: rp4440 system LED blinks

The MP cannot talk to the rest of the system.

I would do a complete power cycle first (pull the plug) and check again.

Hope this helps!

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Re: rp4440 system LED blinks

Thanks Torsten.
It works after a scheduled downtime...

Thanks again!!