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rp5430 CPU upgrade: single 650 MHz to dual 750 MHz

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Mike Pasquale
Occasional Visitor

rp5430 CPU upgrade: single 650 MHz to dual 750 MHz

Hi all,

I'm upgrading an rp5430 from a single 650 MHz processor to two 750 MHz processors (identical A6805_04002). I am running 11iv1, my PDC firmware is 42.19, and I have the new processors installed in slots 0 and 2 (all per the directions here: www.docs.hp.com/en/A5191-96022/ch01s02.html

Additionally, from the forums I learned to set the dip switches to support 750 MHz speeds (1,4,5, and 7 set to ON).

The problem is that the processor in slot 0 is unrecognized, and the processor in slot 2 is listed at the old speed 650 instead of 750).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Information Menu: Enter command > pr

Model: hp server rp5430 (model string 9000/800/L1500-6x)


Processor Speed Model Model/Op CVERSION State
--------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------------
0 Unknown 0x05e0 0x0491 0. 0 Stopped:Nonresponding
2 650 MHz 0x05e0 0x0491 3. 1 Active

Central Bus Speed (in MHz) : 133
Software ID (dec) : 1782907606
Software ID (hex) : 0x6a4502d6
Software Capability : 0x01f1

Information Menu: Enter command > co


Coprocessor Coprocessor Coprocessor
Processor Model Revision State
----------- ----------- ----------- -----------------
0 0x00000013 1 Unknown
2 0x00000013 1 Functional

Information Menu: Enter command > cr

Module Revision
------ --------
System Board A14227
PA 8700 CPU Module 3.1

GSP> ss

System Processor Status:

Monarch Processor: 2

Processor 0 is : Installed and NOT CONFIGURED
Processor 1 is : Not Installed
Processor 2 is : Installed and Configured
Processor 3 is : Not Installed
Processor 4 is : Not Installed
Processor 5 is : Not Installed
Processor 6 is : Not Installed
Processor 7 is : Not Installed

Ron Irving
Trusted Contributor

Re: rp5430 CPU upgrade: single 650 MHz to dual 750 MHz

Hi there!!

The first thing I would do would be to upgrade the firmware. The latest PDC firmware out is 44.12. Also, while you're there, check your GSP firmware. b, login, and type 'he' to get the f/w rev.

Inspect the cpu's carefully, and clean the slots. Make sure there are no 'buttons' missing from the MPI connector on the cpu.

Hope this helps!!

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timmy b.
Honored Contributor

Re: rp5430 CPU upgrade: single 650 MHz to dual 750 MHz


Here's your main problem:
Model: hp server rp5430 (model string 9000/800/L1500-6x)

The "6x" at the end of the line says that this box is configured to run 650mzh cpus ONLY. There is no way for you to change this, it must be done by an HP engineer. Only they have the special software needed to change your modelstring. You could change the system board...

Your missing cpu0 is most likely a problem with the "fuzzy-button" pad. This is very common on used cpus. As the previous poster said, removed that cpu and check for any buttons that are missing or even out of line. You MIGHT be able to move the pad from the 650 cpu to the 750, but be extremely careful and wear your static strap!
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Mike Pasquale
Occasional Visitor

Re: rp5430 CPU upgrade: single 650 MHz to dual 750 MHz

Yes, in the "Installation Guide for the rp5400 Family of Servers," it reads:

"Step 7. Perform CPU Socket Cleaning Procedure detailed in the Removal and Replacement chapter."

This does not seem to exist. Now that you guys are talking about that and the fuzzy buttons, I'm kind of worried; when I was removing the old CPU, it seemed like it was kind of cemented in there; I was gentle, but I still ended up pulling the heat sink off the CPU (the CPU seemed stuck to the board). I had to gently pull it off the mainboard by the amber bracket surrounding the CPU.

So, how can I determine whether or not I'm missing any of those buttons, or whether they still might be stuck to the CPU or mainboard? Are the buttons part of the CPU? I did an inspection of both the CPU I removed and the socket before I put in the new CPU, and everything looked normal (it didn't look like anything was missing or dirty).

Also, what's the proper way to clean the processor or socket??

Luckily, I have a spare 750 MHz processor; I'm going to try putting it in instead and see if I can at least get a dual 650 MHz...

david d_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: rp5430 CPU upgrade: single 650 MHz to dual 750 MHz


If you look at the bottom of the processor sideways across the buttons, it is pretty obvious if there are any buttons missing. I would not try and clean the bottom of the processor as this will damage the buttons. The processor slot can be cleaned with a lint free rag and alcohol.

Mike Pasquale
Occasional Visitor

Re: rp5430 CPU upgrade: single 650 MHz to dual 750 MHz


Okay, so it turns out the 750 I installed in slot 0 was missing several buttons! I have a spare that seems to have all the buttons, so I'm going to try to install that.

Timmy B. > given what you said about this model string being indicative of not being able to accept 750 MHz processors, should I set the dip switches back? I modified the S3 set of switches (located next to by PSM 0). Originally, all of these were OFF. I also noticed that there's another set of switches on the other side of the board; set S2, very close to CPU 3 (upper left CPU as you look from the front of the box). I didn't notice this set of switches originally. Right now, S2 is set to 1,3,4,5 and 7 to ON (compared to S3 which is set 1,4,5,and 7 to ON). How do I know which of these sets does what?

Thanks again for your help!!!!
Mike Pasquale
Occasional Visitor

Re: rp5430 CPU upgrade: single 650 MHz to dual 750 MHz


Okay, lessons learned here;
1) Check both the processor you're removing AND the one you're putting in. Turns out my 750 processor had all kinds of tiny buttons missing (it was pulled from another box).

2) Make sure you're modifying the right dip switches. Turns out it's the S2 bank of switches that needed to be modified, not the S3 bank. Sure enough, the S2 bank was set to 13457, which is the setting for 650 MHz. When I turned all the S3's back to off and changed the S2's to 1457 (the 750 MHz setting), both CPUs were recognized as 750s. W00t

Thank you all for your help. I couldn't have done it without you guys!