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rp5450 firmware upgrade

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rp5450 firmware upgrade

I have an L Class rp5450 server with one disk. I want to install HP-UX 11i on it. But first of all i need to upgrade my firmware to at least phss_22656. I've downloaded it already.
Now my question is that there is no OS yet on the disk. So how can i upgrade the firmware?

Any help?

melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: rp5450 firmware upgrade

well that patch has been superseded by PHSS_31801, giving you the newer 44.28 firmware.
Secondly, to get a firmware update that is NOT Os installable, go to the ITRC patch page, and lok for the L2000 firmware but select CPU instead of OS installable.
This gives you TWO firmware downloads, one for the actual system and one for the GSP:
A6696A GSP firmware A.01.12 PF_CPREGSPA0112
created: 2002/11/08

HP 9000 rp5400 (L1000) and rp5450 (L2000) firmware 44.28 PF_CRHW4428
created: 2004/08/02

read the instructions on creating an firmware update tape.

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Andrew Rutter
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Re: rp5450 firmware upgrade


If you want to do it from that patch then yes you need an os on it.

The best way will be to use this one.
from http://www5.itrc.hp.com/service/patch/search.do

You can download this and put it on a bootable dat tape and then just boot the tape from pdc.
This will update the firmware level to 44.28

The only other way to do it will be by booting the support plus cd and use the firmware update utility, but that requires a password from HP


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Re: rp5450 firmware upgrade

Hi Horace,

Download this patch,


Here are the install instructions from the same link,


Check the section "CREATING THE FIRMWARE UPDATE TAPE" on how to create a tape for this firmware and use that tape to boot the system and update the firmware.

The firmware using this is 44.28.

Hope this helps.


Russ Park
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Re: rp5450 firmware upgrade

is there any chance an ignite server could be used to do this, i.e., boot net?