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rp5470 front panel

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rp5470 front panel

I have the attention LED flashing on the rp5470 server.how can I get rid of it ,what are the procedure to follow .
thank you.
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Re: rp5470 front panel


Go to your console
press ctrl+B i.e control key and B together.

give the username and password for your GSP login.
type sl show logs
then e for errors only
type n to say not to set up filters
and q to quit the logs...

your attention LED would be normal now.

type vfp to confirm the status of the LED.

co to come out of the console.

But don't forget to go through the errors and take corrective action

with best wishes
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Bharat Katkar
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Re: rp5470 front panel

Naveej is exactly right that is how you can get rid of the LED flashing.
Just to add something:
This LED indication is called as Log Alert. As soon as you receive any log generated by the system it start flashing.
The LED flashing is many times not critical but it is a best practise to see the log as soon as you get this Alert Log Indication and watch out for severity level of the log.

So finally, this LED will keep on flashing in future also and you have to regularly go thr' the logs generated as and when indicated by this LED.

Hope this helps

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Shaikh Imran
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Re: rp5470 front panel

At console
type Cntrl & B keys
you will go to GSP (Guardian Service Provider)
Normally there is no login name & password for GSP if at all it asks try
admin/admin or Admin/Admin.
You will get
type sl (show logs)
type e (error Logs)
type n (disable filtering)
Just carefully see the log them to come out
type co at GSP Prompt.
Not always these error messages are useful but not advisable to ignore it.
Just also check ro syslog or mail for root for any other error messages.
If you already know the above procedure and want to supress these warnings then please read the help available at GSP bye he command.


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