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rp5470/rp8400--Power supply question

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Valued Contributor

rp5470/rp8400--Power supply question

Hi All,

1) rp5470 has 3x power supply unit. We are connecting these PSUs to 3 different UPS with 3 different PDUs. Based on, at any time 2x PSUs are needed to up up and run the server. Is it ok?

2) MSL6030 tape library has only one PSU. Is there any external intelligent power device that will connect to 2 UPS and at the time of 1 UPS fails, the device will automatically failover to working UPS and supply current to MSL6030.

3) rp8400 will have 3 cell boards with 5x PSUs. 3x PSU from one UPS and 2x PSU from another UPS. Will this distribution of power eliminate SPOF of power?

Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: rp5470/rp8400--Power supply question

Hi Richard,

1) Yes - a fully loaded 5470 can be held up by only 2 PSUs. It's also enough to boot it.

2) Yes - We use 3 feeds from our UPS systems. The third is a switching feed which pulls from one of the first two normally but will switch to the other if it's normal feed fails. We have a very large data center & this system is building wide so I don't know just what kind of equip it is, but I do know this type technology is available.

3) Depends on how the feeds are distributed across the 5. Why aren't you using all three feeds here? You'd have a much higher likelihood of keeping the 8400 up if one fails. The 8400 has four PSUs & can run on just two, I believe. So if you have 5 PSUs then you must have the expansion unit - correct? Again a switching supply would almost insure you stay up - highly recommended.

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Re: rp5470/rp8400--Power supply question

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply!

3) Actually, we are connecting 4 Power sockets of all rp8400 servers to 4 diff. UPSs. Where 2 PSockets are enough out of 4. I hope we have eliminated SPOF....

Thanks again and regards,