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rp7400(N4000) with 750MHz processors part numbers

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Keith Lapidus
Occasional Advisor

rp7400(N4000) with 750MHz processors part numbers

Here is the scenario: I have 4 rp7400 or N4000 that each have the 750MHz processors. We needed to order 2 more processors per server, so I went and found the part number A6444A which is a 2 pack of 750MHz processors. At the time, the place we ordered from said these would work in our current config. Now I'm being told that I need the part number this part number is only for the rp7410/8400 and if I need to add processors to my current config, I will need the part number A6688A. Does anyone know if the A6444A processors will work in the rp7400?
Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: rp7400(N4000) with 750MHz processors part numbers


who ever told you is correct the A6444A is for the RP7405/7410 servers and are different.

The ones you need are the A6688A cpu's, so you would need two per server.


You would also need to order one processor support module per server aswell. As you need one for every two processors installed.

A6689A processor support module PA8700

Keith Lapidus
Occasional Advisor

Re: rp7400(N4000) with 750MHz processors part numbers

Thanks for the info. I guess the vendor we purchased them from was just needing to offload these and told us what we needed to hear.