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rp7400 attn. LED Blinking

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rp7400 attn. LED Blinking

Hi all

We have HP rp7400 Server which is 2 Node cluster with 4 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 6 GB Swap Memory, with va7100 array (6X36 GB), having HPUX B.11.11.U ver. and running Oracle 9i & 9iAS with 4 Packages. Three Package in NODE one and One Package in NODE two.

I want to know regd. LEDs as in one of the NODEs attn. LED is blinking, its showing some wrong with the server or it blinks only. Kindly please tell or send link regd. rp7400 LEDs i coud n't find..


Sunil Sharma_1
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Re: rp7400 attn. LED Blinking

Hi vishal,

go to console and check the GSP logs. Once you will access that LED light will be turned off.

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Henk Geurts
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Re: rp7400 attn. LED Blinking

hi Vishal.
telnet to the GSP

CO: Consoles
VFP: Virtual Front Panel (partition status)
CM: Command Menu
CL: Console Logs
SL: Show chassis Logs
HE: Help
X: Exit Connection

MP> sl

Chassis Logs available:

(A)ctivity Log
(E)rror Log
(L)ive Chassis Logs

(C)lear All Chassis Logs

MP:VW> e

To Select Entry:
( or ) View next or previous block
(+) View next block (forwards in time)
(-) View previous block (backwards in time)
(D)ump entire log for capture and analysis
(F)irst entry
(L)ast entry
(J)ump to entry number
(V)iew Mode Select
(H)elp to repeat this menu
^B to exit

Look for last errors (on top )
user control B to exit .
attention led will stop blinking

Nguyen Anh Tien
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Re: rp7400 attn. LED Blinking

Hi vishal
RP7400 have some monitor LED. If you have "RP54xx Hardware Infomation" disk- Try to find CD disk in your box. You will find what LED mean by using this disk.
Another way, you can connect to GSP port (via LAN or console) and diagnostic by SL (show log)command. After check HW status by SL command ATTENTION LED will not blink any more.
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Joshua Scott
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Re: rp7400 attn. LED Blinking

Mostly the attn. light is harmless. to clear it try this:

From the system console, press

by default, the username and password are blank, so just press enter when prompted.


select 'E' for error log.
these logs are any warnings or errors in the hardware configuration. post them here, and someone will be able to tell you if you need to be concerned.
Quit out of the log display, and type 'CO' to get out of GSP mode. Your attn light should now be off.

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Re: rp7400 attn. LED Blinking

Hi all,
Thank you for these replies on behalf of vishal. I just want to know that how to connect GSP. What is GSP? please write in detail or forward link.
Thanks in advance
Peter Godron
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Re: rp7400 attn. LED Blinking

the GSP(Guardian Service Processor) monitors the health of the system, but not at a UNIX level.
It is more concerned with the power supply,CPU software problems etc.
CNTL+B on the console gets you started.
Use the co command to exit.
If you really want more info goto the forum search and use "GSP" as keyword. Don't forget to tick the forum box.
Peter Godron
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Re: rp7400 attn. LED Blinking

were any/all of the help useful to find the answer. Are you still having this problem.
If not, can you please close this thread.
Binukuttan VM_1
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Re: rp7400 attn. LED Blinking


the attention LED blinking is quite normal in these types of servers.After analysing the GSP error logs it can be acknowldged by cntrl+B --> SL > not filer incomming error logs,....that moment itself LED will be off