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rp7400 server looses time set


rp7400 server looses time set

I have an rp7410 server that looses its date once you shutdown down. You have to manually update its clock everytime.

I will like to find out if what else could be causing this problem apart from the CMOS battery.

If the problem as I have figured out is limited to be CMOS battery, is the battery permanently fixed to the backplane or is the battery only replaceable without replacing the backplane?

In replacing the battery, what is the part number to use in ordering for the battery replacement?
malvin drakley
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Re: rp7400 server looses time set

hi there, the battery is usually on the core I/O board and this is situated on the back right hand side of your 7410. The part no for your core i/o is A6793AX or A6793-69001 for exchange. The battery is a normal battery
that would be available readily.
hope this helps
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Cheryl Griffin
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Re: rp7400 server looses time set

According to the rp7400 manual http://www.docs.hp.com/hpux/onlinedocs/3687/rp7400_customer_hardwaremanual.pdf only a authorized service provider can change the battery.

Battery Notice
This product contains a Lithium battery.
This battery is not to be removed or replaced by the user. If the battery needs to be replaced, contact your
Hewlett-Packard authorized service personnel.

The service personnel will be able to assist you without needing any part number.
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