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Joe Major
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I have a rp7400 with 3 memory carriers and 20x256 dimms and 2x512 dimms. If I use just the 512 Dimms system works. If I use just the 256 dimms systems works. If I use 6x256 dimms in carrier 0,1,3 with 18x256 and 2x512 it works. as soon as I go above 6GB with the remainder of the 2x256 dimms systems gives an alert with no status system fails. PDc version is 43. something runing HP-uX 11.0
Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: rp7400

Which PDC version exactly? 43.43 or 43.22?

are you installing the 512MB DIMMs in slots 0a and 0b on the memory carrier in slot 0?
also, the memory carriers should be in slots 0,1,2. What is the text of the alert message?

What are the chances...
timmy b.
Honored Contributor

Re: rp7400

The firmware, whether 43.22 or 43.43, should not matter as the 256mb and 512mb DIMMs have been available for quite some time. The server had a max of 32gb of memory, so that isn't an issue, either.

Memory should be added as mentioned in the above message. Please realize that you are installing memory as a "module" or pair of DIMMS. Always install the largest modules first, so the 512mb DIMMs (1gb module) will go in slots 0a/0b in carrier 0. Add your memory from there, using the 0a/0b on carriers 1 and 2 and then 1a/1b on carrier 0, 1 and 2, etc. A diagnostic tip: After adding a couple of modules, boot the system up to the BCH (Boot Control Handler, or where it says "Press any key within 10 seconds") and run "IN ME" (Information Memory). This will give you a display showing every DIMM installed. If there are any issues, you should see them here.

I hope this helps, please let us know how things are going. If there are further problems, please include where you have the memory installed by size and location.

Good Luck - Tim
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