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rp7410 MP / GSP complex profile reset?

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rp7410 MP / GSP complex profile reset?

I have an HP 9000/rp7410 with one cell (2 CPU) and one MP board. I had been dealing with date resets on the MP/GSP for a while so I simply purchased the button cell battery and replaced it.

However, now the system does not recognize the complex profile and will not boot the previous partition. I tried issuing the CC command to recreate a Genesis partition, but I get an error:

"Sorry, command failed: RtnCodeFailure"

Attempting to restore the previous partition gets me this:

"Sorry, command failed: RtnCodeComplexProfileACorrupted"

So, apparantly changing the battery is not a good thing. However I had thought that the profile also exists on the cell boards and would just copy over. Otherwise how you ever replace a failed MP/GSP?

Any thoughts on this issue? I dont have hardware support with HP on the box, but am in the process of working them. In the mean time, Ill accept any thoughts on this.

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Re: rp7410 MP / GSP complex profile reset?


I knew I had come across one of the forum members having this problem not sure if you have read it or if it will help you correct the situation. I have pasted it below.


I have a problem with complex profile in our rp7410 system.
Then, there are some questions.

i)What is the Complex Profile B?Where is this?
ii)How can this currupted complex plofile be restored without building genesis
complex profile.
iii)Don't I care about this problem?

Thank you.

***Problem Detail.***
1.Replaced MP1(This is master MP.) on our rp7410 system.
2.Power-on Cabinet.
3.Complex Profile was restored from each cells.
(Results of the ID or CP command was no problem.)
4.Boot OS.
5.Changed the complex profile with OS command.
These commands succeeded.(ex. parmodify/parcreate/parremove...)
6.Gone to all cells to BIB state.
7.Executed the CC command with L option.
8.The Problem occured here!!
MP:CM> cc

This command allows you to change the complex profile.

WARNING: You must either shut down the OSs for reconfiguration or
execute the RR (reset for reconfiguration) command for all
partitions before executing this command.

G - Build Genesis complex profile
L - Restore Last complex profile
Select profile to build or restore: l

Do you want to modify the complex profile? (Y/[N]) y

-> The complex profile will be modified.

Sorry, command failed: RtnCodeComplexProfileBCorrupted


9.This problem was corrected by re-building genesis complex profile.
(It was successful to execute the CC command with L option after doing this step.)
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Re: rp7410 MP / GSP complex profile reset?

Thanks for the reply. I hadn't seen that post, so thank you. It is good to see that I am not the only one with similar problems.

In my case, I am not able to issue the CC command at all, so the solution in this post doesn't completely apply.

It seems that these systems get finicky when you try to change around the hardware components containing the complex profiles.

I am getting a new MP/Core IO board shipped in. HP had mentioned that this was not a normal situation to be in after simply replacing the battery. :(

Ill keep this post updated, but please add to it if you have similar experiences or other thoughts.

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Re: rp7410 MP / GSP complex profile reset?

Hi Bob,

the complex profile is indeed both on the MP and on the Cellboards. The safest way to replace a MP or MP battery is to shutdown all partitions to BIB (shutdown -R -H or RR from the MP) and then make the replacement with all power turned ON. The MP card is hot plugable (unfortunately, because of the core I/O part (SCSI ctrl) it cannot be unplugged during a running OS). After reinserting the MP, the complex profile is redistributed from the cell boards (of cause this only works if the cells are powered on and succeeded the self tests !).
Problems may happen if the new MP card still contains an old or corrupted complex profile (make sure that the battery is disconnected for at least 60 seconds). Another common problem is a bad seated MP card or bent pins on the backplane (I would recomend to let an HP engineer do the work if you have a contract or warranty ...)

I hope this helps

best regards

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Re: rp7410 MP / GSP complex profile reset?

Stefan - Thank you for the details! I had not known that you can replace the Core IO/MP "hot". I had been removing AC to the unit before replacing this. I will be trying a new Core IO this week when I get back in the office and I will attempt the replacement in this manner. Would having two Core IO boards allowed this process to go a bit easier (failover, etc)?

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