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rp7410 : blower failure error.

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rp7410 : blower failure error.


we are getting the following message in our log on HP rp7410 machine

CLMP 0 *4 BLOWR_FAIL 01/12/2004 01:03:43
Log Entry 5: 01/12/2004 01:03:43
Alert Level 4: Unexpected configuration change; Keyword: BLOWR_FAIL
Fan 0 failed; Status: 15
Logged by power monitor 0 during monitoring of fan
Fan location: cabinet 0 slot 0
0x202005446300405f 0x00ffffffff00ff63
0x58200d0000004050 0x000068000c01032b

when we turn the machine on the fan 0 start rotating and after some time it stop and then start again.

what will be the cause of this behaviour?

Another question is that by turning the machine one of the PCI DC-to-DC coverters light turn on while other remain off(No LED indication).we have also swapped the modules with each other and both seem to be ok. is this because of redundancy or is there some problem.should both PCI DC-to-DC conveters be working simultaneously or one remains standy.
Jeff Schussele
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Re: rp7410 : blower failure error.

Hi Asim,

The rp7410/rp8400 systems have a known bug in their earlier FW versions that could cause "phantom" blower failure reports & if if it thinks both main fans have failed it will bring the system down.

Check the FW version & if 16.09 or lower & the MP version is 3 or lower then upgrade them both to a minimum of 16.11 & 4 respectively.

We had the same thing happen here several months ago & the FW upgrade solved the problem.

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