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rp7410 cell slot failure, how to reconfig?

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rp7410 cell slot failure, how to reconfig?

I have an rp7410, looks like cell slot 1 has failed.  I can move the cell board to slot 0, and it powers on fine.  However, I cannot use the CC command to create a new partition.  I'm assuming this is because the cell board still thinks it's part of partition 0, and should be in slot 1.  The RR command won't work because there is no cell board in slot 1.  With the cell board in slot 1, RR doesn't work because the cell board won't power up.


Ideas?  I do have another rp7410 that I could use to deprogram the board.


Re: rp7410 cell slot failure, how to reconfig?

I was able to figure it out.  Needed core i/o for slot zero, which means needed a second MP and move the scsi/lan to the other pci bus.  After that, CC worked fine and I was able to boot.  The disk paths have changed, so now I have to sort out the LVM issues.