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rp7410 not booted

Aleksey Shkil
Occasional Visitor

rp7410 not booted

the server rp7410 is not boooted, by mproc in vfpanel writes " Ready to boot/boot is blocked Cell firmware"
what's can i do? who what mind ?
the console "in mp command CO" is not booted too
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: rp7410 not booted


Check this doc.

Ready-for-Reconfig Stateâ Shuts down a partition, performs any partition reconfigurations, and keeps all cells at a boot-is-blocked (BIB) "cell firmware" state, thus making the partition and all of its cells inactive. When a partition is in a ready-for-reconfig state, you can reconfigure (or remove) the partition from a remote partition.

All cellsâ including any inactive cells and all newly added or deleted cellsâ reboot and are reconfigured, and all cells remain at BIB.

You can put a partition into a ready-for-reconfig state by using the shutdown -R -H or reboot -R -H command, using the BCH interface's RECONFIGRESET command, or using the GSP command menu's RR command.

When rebooting a partition under normal circumstances (when not reconfiguring or halting the partition) use the shutdown -r or reboot -r commands.


Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: rp7410 not booted


use the 'BO' command in the MP:CM> menu.

this will boot the partition.

What are the chances...