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rp7410 two cells with a partition again

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Vijaya Kumar_3
Respected Contributor

rp7410 two cells with a partition again

I have a RP7410 with two cells with single partition. Cell 0 has 8 GB RAM with 4 CPUs. Cell 1 has 8 GB RAM with 4 CPUs(inactive now). I am new to this and had some literature. Here is the status from parstatus.

cab0,cell0 inactive 4/0/4 8.0/ 0.0 cab0,bay0,chassis0 yes - -
cab0,cell1 active core 4/0/4 8.0/ 0.0 cab0,bay0,chassis1 yes yes 0

I am right now using cell 1 and i want to add cell 0 to the current partition. I want to have 16 GB RAM and 8 CPUs in one partition.

i am going to use these commands
# parmodify -p 0 -a cell0
# shutdown -R

anything else need to be done? i want to make sure before doing this and i am looking for more of ur expert guidance. If you have a specific document kindly send me.

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Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: rp7410 two cells with a partition again

Use the command this way. I've had hp-ux come back with errors when I didn't specify all the options:

parmodify -p 0 -a 0:base:y:ri

There's nothing else I can think of that you need to do beforehand. Of course if it comes back with an error, then you can always post back here.
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