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Re: rp7410 with problem IO_IDENTIFY_IO_BP_FAILED

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rp7410 with problem IO_IDENTIFY_IO_BP_FAILED

The server switch on... but when the cell is near to state "joining"... get the following error:

1 PDC 0,0,0 *10 IO_IDENTIFY_IO_BP_FAILED 10/09/2008 15:46:08
Log Entry 1: 10/09/2008 15:46:08
Alert Level 10: Lost functionality; Keyword: IO_IDENTIFY_IO_BP_FAILED
I/O system bus adapter 0 function failed; Status: 12
Logged by system firmware 0 during deconfiguration subActivity 22
Actual Data: 0xfffffffffffffe13
0x180006a38200322c 0xfffffffffffffe13
0x58000e0000003220 0x00006c09090f2e08

0 CLMP 0 *2 PCIBP_PWR_OFF 10/09/2008 15:44:39
Log Entry 0: 10/09/2008 15:44:39
Alert Level 2: Non-urgent alert or error; Keyword: PCIBP_PWR_OFF
I/O chassis 0 powered off; Status: 15
Logged by power monitor 0 during power on/off of low voltage power supply
I/O chassis location: cabinet 0 I/O Bay 0 I/O chassis 0
0x202003228d00303f 0x000000ffffffff8d
0x58200b0000003030 0x00006c09090f2c27

Re: rp7410 with problem IO_IDENTIFY_IO_BP_FAILED

Hello Fernando,

The error you are seeing is because the PCI backplane is powered off.

You may have a power issue with the PCI power supply.

Check the status of the PCI domain by performing the following commands from the MP command menu:

Select option: P (IO Chassis)
Enter IO Chassis: 0

Verify if there are any faults logged.

If there are faults you will need to place a service call with you support provider.

If there are no faults and it is simply powered off then you can power it on with the MP:CM> PE command select option P enter 0. And then reset the partition.

If it powers off again then you should contact your service provider.


Honored Contributor

Re: rp7410 with problem IO_IDENTIFY_IO_BP_FAILED


Basically pdc is reporting that the pci backplane has a fault and cannot proceed.

This is caused by no power getting to it for some reason?

check the status of the power as already stated. If the power is actually on fully then you could have a hardware failure.

was the server working? is it new to you? why was it rebooted, or is it a frsh start for you?

post the outputs if you can of the power status.