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rp7420 npar reconfig

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rp7420 npar reconfig


We have a prod RP7420 (prod1) with 1 x npar (npar1) that contains 1 x cell (cell1). Cell1 has 4 x dual core 1.1Ghz CPUs and 16 x 2G DIMMs.

We just decomissioned anotehr rp7420. we would like to use its cell (Cell0) to add to npar1 in prod1 server.

We need to move (2) of these dual core CPUs to the cell0 as well as 8x2G Dimms.


1 - shutdown prod1
2 - remove cell1
3 - remove 2 x cpus 8 x dimms
4 - install 2 x cpus 4 x dimms in cell0
5 - put back cell1
6 - put new cell0
7 - boot prod1
8 - add cell0 to npar1 using parmodify

do we need to deconfigure CPUs and DIMMs from BCH prior to moving them to cell0?

are we missing any step ?

thank you in advance
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Re: rp7420 npar reconfig

Make sure the CPUs are the same type!

Install DIMMs according to the rules!

Step 6a:

Check and update firmware!

No need to deconfigure anything.

Hope this helps!

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Re: rp7420 npar reconfig


step 4 >>> 4 X 2GB DIMMs or eight DIMMS?

It is recommanded to populate all cells in an npar with same amount of memory and also all cells should have the same processor revision level and processor clock speed.

After step 8,

reboot for reconfig is required if the o/s is not HP UX 11iv3 loaded with \dynamic npartition


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Re: rp7420 npar reconfig


"Adding the same amount of memory/cpu on both cells " - Will it be the most greatful way in view of performance ?
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Re: rp7420 npar reconfig

>>>"Adding the same amount of memory/cpu on both cells " - Will it be the most greatful way in view of performance ?

yes ...because all the memory in a partition is fully cache-line-interleaved, meaning that each cell's memory forms part of common pool used by processes running on that partition.If one cell in the partition has more memory than the others , that cell will contribute disproportionately to the pool and the connection to and from it will be overworked,and thus result in performance degradation.

also an uneven distribution of resources will result in uneven workload ,overworking some cells and underusing others

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Re: rp7420 npar reconfig

All the firmware levels need to match each other when fitted to the target system otherwise the system self tests may not complete. I would be inclined to move Torsten's suggestion of step 6a to 0a .
In other words check all firmware on both systems.
On the MP use the CM> SYSREV command and then get the firmware updated in both systems, so that all the levels of all the components in both systems match before shutting down and moving any hardware.


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