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rp8400 Firmware


rp8400 Firmware

I am trying to add another Cell board to my configured rp8400.

The other Cell boards are running F/W Release 4.11 and the Drain FPGA's are at 1.000.
I have updated the PDC/PDCH on the new cell board but the Drain FPGA is on 1.001 consequently the server gives a firmware mismatch error for the new cell board.

The Drain FPGA 1.000 update is not in any of the firmware files only Drain FPGA Firmware 1.001 is available from Release 6 onwards.

Can I obtain Drain 1.000 Firmware, or will Release 4.11 run O.K if I update all the other Drains FPGA's to 1.001.

Many Thanks

A Whitby
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: rp8400 Firmware

I would update the system to current version 6.4 in near future.

name of patch is PF_CKEYMAT0604 and is downloadable from itrc.

Hope this helps!

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Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: rp8400 Firmware

Here's the location of the 4.11 Firmware:


The server should have consistent firmware, so I would recommend installing the 1.001 on all. downgrading is not usually a recommended procedure.

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