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rp8400 capacity management

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rp8400 capacity management

We have an rp8400 with a 2 cell partition. We want to only have one of the two cell boards in use. we want to use cell 0. In order to do this we need to move the i/o devices from chasis 1 to chasis 0 and also we want to move disk from cell 1 to cell 0. we want cell 1 to stay in the system but just not be used.

is there a process used to do that? Can We move IO from chassis 1 to chassis 0 without any problems? is there a process to deactivate a cell board so we can remove the memory and leave it in the system?

thanks in advance
Sandy Chen
Honored Contributor

Re: rp8400 capacity management


Yes you can move the I/O from chassis 1 to chassis 0, but the hardware path on HPUX will be changed. For the memory, you can move it all to cell 0 and then turn off the cell 1 from the MP.

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