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rp8400 core I/O

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rp8400 core I/O

I am trying to install an A7109A into a rp8400. When I do this the Management processor identifies itself as a "rp8420". I also see error message about processor incompatibility. However, when I install an A6096A core I/O into the same rp8400 I have no issues.

What do I need to do to make the A7109A core I/O work in the rp8400?

Scot Bean
Honored Contributor

Re: rp8400 core I/O

Here are some tidbits on this install:

"Before removing the old MP/Core I/O please make sure that HWE Bundle 06/03 or greater is installed on your server and that the following 2 drivers are configured into the kernel.

- igelan
- c8xx

If these 2 drivers are not configured into the kernel BEFORE the A7109A is installed, the partition will panic on boot up"

If you have not done this try it.
Otherwise, this install may be more complex than it seems, contact HP support directly.
Cheryl Griffin
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Re: rp8400 core I/O

Actually you want to use Sept 2003 media (or later). The driver needs to be a minimum of GbE PCI 1000BT 11.11 Sep. 03 GigEther-01 B.11.11.09

You can check which version is on which dated media from http://www.software.hp.com/RELEASES-MEDIA/latest/aps/app1203/sm_s.htm
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hyun-seok kim
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Re: rp8400 core I/O

Check the DIP switch in MP Board.

System DIP Switch 1 DIP Switch 2
rp8400 On On
rp8420 and off off
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Re: rp8400 core I/O

Changing the dip switch settings resolved the issue.

However, the Response Center backline support told me that a A7109A is not supported in a rp8400. Although, I also saw a HP document that said that all rp8400 will ship w/ A7109A MP's after a certain manufacture date. Nontheless, the MP appears to work fine in the rp8400.