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rp8400 doesn't show serial number from HPUX


rp8400 doesn't show serial number from HPUX


Hello all,


We have an rp8400 that refuses to give up it's serial number.  By that I mean if you use "cstm" or "machinfo" to query the system for it's hardware serial number, you get the following:





cstm>sel dev 1


-- Converting a (98232) byte raw log file to text. --

Preparing the Information Tool Log for system on path system File ...


.... ausdingo2  :  ###.###.###.###....


-- Information Tool Log for system on path system --


Log creation time: Tue Dec 20 06:37:56 2011


Hardware path: system



System Information for (ausdingo2)

   System Name................:

   HPUX Model Number..........:

   HPUX Model String..........: 9000/800/S16K-A

   Original Product Number....:

   Current Product Number.....:

   System Serial Number.......:

   PDC Firmware Date Code.....: 4501 (yyww 1960+yy=year;ww=Week of year)



I've regenerated the maps in cstm, but the System Serial Number field keeps coming up empty.  This is particularly problematic because we need to install some software from a 3rd-party vendor that generates licensing data based on the machine serial number.


I'd really appreciate any help anyone can offer.


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Re: rp8400 doesn't show serial number from HPUX

Well, unfortunately its probably trying to give something up that is not there.    The serial number data is stored in the systems complex profile which resides on the MP and cell boards.  You can check this by running the ID command from the MP.  For example:





    MP modifiable stable complex configuration data fields.
    Model String           : 9000/800/rp7410
    Complex System Name    : Lab rp7410
    Complex Serial Number  : DEH43112AA
    Original Product Number: A6752A
    Current Product Number : A6752A
    Enterprise Id          :


If your values are not present then HP will need to visit you to make the changes as the data fields are protected from being edited by users.



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Re: rp8400 doesn't show serial number from HPUX



My Suggestion would be logging a case/call with HP.

The Remote support engineer or oniste engineer will help you with updating the same in the system.




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