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rp8400 doesnt turn on

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rp8400 doesnt turn on

Dear all,

there was an issue with the core I/O card , mp lan was not responding and serial console was not showing anything. So i had to replace the I/O card. in order to replace the I/O card i turn off the operation system, than replace the I/O card, but still nothing , even new card was not responding in the console. furthermore the led indication on the front view was alway on (MP present) even when i removed the core i/o. so i had the power off the server and than the supprised happend, the server does not turn on now. Only standby power led is on, the power supply leds are blinking in green and also the front fans led are blinking in red  continuously.
Any idea/suggestions about the situations?

Thank you in advance.


Re: rp8400 doesnt turn on

Hello ,

I am from the Proliant Support L2 Support Team.

Going by the description of the issue looks like the fans are at fault. Request you to kindly reseat the fans and check if it resolves the issue. If not. replace the Fans


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Re: rp8400 doesnt turn on

Any response from the second MP card?

Even if the server does not power on, the active MP card should log about the reason for the issue.

Could even be a problem with a VRM or anything ... logs would be important.

Hope this helps!

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Re: rp8400 doesnt turn on

 Hi Ramana,

I dont think it could be problem of the fans , how could they all gone failed at once, they were working, and after we shutdown the server the issue occurred.


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Re: rp8400 doesnt turn on

Hello Torste,

The server has only 1 MP card and tried in both slots but no response at all. it is a bit strange that MP doesnt not log enything....